Spicy Fried Pickles

My first food blog post! Yay!

I have always wanted to “like” Fried Pickles. I mean, who wouldn’t? The first time I tried them, I was disappointed because they were horrible. Not saying they weren’t good to anyone else, I just didn’t like them. There was no seasoning on them whatsoever. I found that there was a lot of breading, and not enough pickle. The second time I tried them, they were from a different establishment. They were the pickle spears. I had to ask myself, why did I even try these? They were soggy, the breading was in the plate, but not on the pickle; basically what I got was a hot, greasy pickle(ew). The third and last time I tried some, they were also from a different establishment. They were not bad, still not the best thing I ever ate. I gave up after that. I guess it wasn’t meant for me to love the infamous fried pickle.

One night, I had a craving for a salty snack. I went downstairs to the fridge, and I saw a large jar of pickle chips that we had left over from a cookout. At that moment, I had an epiphany: I cook, why not make my own recipe?? It took several tries until I found the best recipe, so I will share it with you guys.

This recipe is only measured for 1 serving(about 20-30 chips), but adjust accordingly.


1/2-1 cup of dill pickle chips

1 cup of all purpose flour

1 tsp of garlic powder

1 tsp of onion powder

1 tsp of cayenne pepper(optional)

1/2 tsp of paprika(I used smokey)

1/2 tsp of sea salt

1/2 black pepper

1 cup of canola oil(or a healthy blended oil that can reach high cooking temps)


Place oil in a large skillet and turn heat to medium high.

Be sure to drain and dry the pickles. You can do this by laying them in a single layer on several paper towels and patting them dry. The reason why I do this is because it will make the pickle more crispy after frying. If they are still full of moisture, they will come out soggy and greasy.

DO NOT SEASON THE PICKLES THEMSELVES! This will make them too salty. The seasoning in the flour should be enough, trust me.

In a plate or bowl, add your flour and all of the spices. I like my pickles to be spicy, but you can eliminate the cayenne altogether if you would like. This is what I found the missing element to be from the pickles that I have previously tried. Maybe they would have been more enjoyable with a little added spice. I love everything to be spicy, it goes with my attitude ;). Anyways, back to the recipe.

Coat each pickle liberally in the flour mixture and shake off the excess. I like to coat the pickle right before it goes into the pan, this will allow the flour not to become mushy and will make a crunchier crust.

A good way to know if the oil is hot enough, is to drop a little flour into the pan(old fashioned way), and if it sizzles right away, then the oil is ready for frying. Another way to tell if the oil is hot enough, is by placing the end of a wooden spoon into the oil; if it sizzles that means its time to fry!

Lets get frying!

Add the breaded pickles to the hot oil one pickle at a time, until the pan is just full. Do not overcrowd the pan(the pickles will not get crispy). Adding them one at a time will keep them from getting stuck together during the cooking process.

Now, this part should not take long. If you cook the pickles too long, it will taste more like a potato chip and not a fried pickle(unless that is the type of crunch you are going for.)

I would say cook them at a MAX of 2-3 minutes total until they become crispy.

Remove them from the oil, and place them on paper towels or a brown paper bag to drain. This will also allow them to crisp up some more(my mouth is watering just thinking about it).

Once you have taken the pickles out of the oil, season them lightly with a little cayenne(optional).  I told you, I like things spicy.

I served mine up with some ranch dressing.

Enjoy! Let me know what you think about my first blog post!!

If you have any questions or suggestions for recipes you would like to see posted, comment below or email me at [email protected]


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